Max: Jockey for Care for

Max: Jockey for Care for

Genre: Drama, jockey
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Max meets the Countess Duvienne in a extraordinarily distressing second, for she has mental realized that her jockey is no longer any longer going to be able to traipse her horse, the favorite for the proprietor’s stakes. In that inconceivable to resist method of his, Max volunteers to traipse within the jockey’s stead, the countess thanks him nonetheless can not accept his provide, on account of his extreme weight. The plucky Max, nothing daunted, decides to chop. After working a mile with a forty-pound dumbbell, he seems admire a moist rag, nonetheless goes gamely to a Turkish tub. This remedy brings Max all the vogue all the way down to weight, and mounted on the countess’ horse. Max fights each lumber of the tight bustle, hut wins, now not most clever the bustle, nonetheless the countess as effectively.

Credit: TheMovieDb.

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