The Scent of Fancy

The Scent of Fancy

Genre: Drama, Scent
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Changshin-dong is usually made up of shabby residential alleys. Kim Min-kyu climbs telephone poles scattered within the nefarious neighborhood. Not too lengthy prior to now launched from penal superior, he works as an electrician under the watchful scrutinize of his probation officer. His best pleasure is carving the Namsan Tower out of cleaning cleaning soap bars, on these poles. He notices ultimately that there’s an intruder in his private world. Somebody has began posting lacking individual leaflets. Min-kyu begins to steal away them one after the other. However to his consternation, the stranger retains altering those he has eradicated. Da-hae’s best blueprint in existence is to assemble her lacking brother. She lives hand-to-mouth nonetheless that’s the least of her concerns. She might be slowly shedding her bear in mind. Min-kyu and Da-hae collect themselves drawn to 1 yet one more by their wretchedness and loneliness to by some potential collect a parts to heal every diversified.

Credit: TheMovieDb.

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